I'm Marianna Boguslavsky.
UAE based, marketing specialist helping businesses with digital strategies & transformation.

Tech marketer, digital strategist, storyteller, & sushi aficionado. Bilingual w/ experience in SA, UK, UAE, Slovenia & New Zealand. I'm also the founder of Boguslavsky & Co. If you have a great digital marketing / transformation project that needs some serious skills, I can help. Based in Ras Al Khaimah, working with businesses in Dubai, UAE, Middle East and beyond. I'm skilled in building marketing functions, processes and teams from the ground up.


Some of the companies I have worked with in the past.


BP, Digital Transformation Marketing Manager

Four month project with this UK based Oil & Gas industry client - marketing strategy expertise to drive adoption of a new digital platform.


Visionect, Head of Marketing

Heading up Visionect’s digital marketing team -  world’s premier designer and developer of electronic paper solutions. Digital strategy & implementation for this European B2B startup.


Bathroom Butler, Marketing Strategist

Digital strategy and implementation for this eCommerce DTC brand. Marketing lead for both the in-house team and third party suppliers.


I’m a digital strategy & marketing specialist with over a decade of international marketing experience working at companies in Dubai, London, France, South Africa, New Zealand and Slovenia.

I have made a commercial impact in technology businesses whilst working in-house along with helping startup clients and small businesses.

I kicked off my career in London (circa 2007) as I was part of the original Zoomf.com team (the first property search engine in the UK) helping with growth & product development. I was part of the marketing team at two publishing firms in the UK - Integer Research & BMI.

I've held senior international marketing roles at technology companies such as Ringover (France) and Visionect (Slovenia).

Digital Strategy

Digital strategy work both agency side (I was the lead digital strategist at Serviceplan Middle East working with BMW & MINI) along with in-house for corporates, NGOs and startups.

Tech Marketing

My experience with B2B and B2C tech startups has honed my tech marketing skills. Worked with three startup brands in the health tech sector in 2021 & 2022. UK mental health startup + Urology medical devices brand + diagnostic tech SaaS.


Created, conceived & executed the launch of ‘Bathroom Empire’ - a first of its kind online magazine that merges the bathroom industry with storytelling.

Digital Transformation

Focus was on driving digital marketing transformation across the business with multiple stakeholders and complex decision making mechanisms for this Oil & Gas client.


Some of the work / clients over the past 10 years

Film Marketing Project

Contracted to research, conceptualize and compile a three month social media strategy leading up to the theatrical release of the US film, 'Before I Disappear'. I then spent three months implementing the social media strategy, during the regional and international film festivals, and as part of the countdown to the actual theatrical release.

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eCommerce marketing (luxury retail)

The challenge was launching a DTC ecommerce brand during a global pandemic, aimed at the luxury consumer appliances market. ROAS (return on ad spend): 6.86 within the first year Revenue: 74% increase from January 2021 to February 2021 alone! January 2021 saw a 46% increase to December's 2020 revenue

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Building MVP for FinTech project

Project involved developing the prototype architecture, solution functionalities, technology requirements & ultimately build the MVP solution for a FinTech supply chain startup launching in the UK. B2B startup aimed at simplifying supply chain payments and minimising trade fraud. Transparent solution that is scalable to sustain hundreds of users enabling them to control data and perform trusted transactions and immediately to react to any possible intrusion into the system.

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Creating A Digital Marketing Degree Framework

Contracted to conceptualize and compile the framework and modules for South Africa's first three year digital marketing degree to be offered by an accredited university.

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Performance marketing for a B2B tech startup

Performance marketing for a B2B tech startup targeting the US & European market primarily. Conceptualise, create, run and test visual (videos primarily) and text campaigns on Instagram, Facebook and Google Ads. Instagram advertising became the key revenue driver in terms of tracked conversions and eCommerce sales.

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Social Media Strategy for Dubai F&B brand

Worked with the most wonderful Book Cafe in Dubai - one of my social media strategy projects and its implementation involved a Dubai F&B brand - BookMunchaward-winning Dubai cafe & restaurant

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Part-time lecturer/speaker at DM3 Institute in the UAE, on the topics of digital marketing & leveraging technology to grow businesses.

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UK Head of Marketing for French SaaS brand

Helping with go to market strategy for the UK, along with digital marketing for Ringover, a French SaaS telecoms organization.

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This is what people say about me

Here are a few lines from people who I have worked with over the past 10+ years in my digital marketing career.

“Marianna Boguslavsky was instrumental in driving growth for our proptech startup”
Rod Dowler, co-founder of Zoomf.com
currently UK Industry Forum CEO
“From my experience, a large proportion of tech companies fail to achieve their full potential because they do not have the expertise to engage with and sell to their target market. This is a skill that Marianna can absolutely provide to the tech startup community. Her experience with international markets is also a significant bonus.”
Kingsley Maunder
Founder of Konector & Style on Screen, UK
“Marianna Boguslavsky is an expert in digital strategy and consultancy, specifically working with startups in technology to build the impact of their digital strategy quickly and effectively ”
Rich MacLaren
DM3 Institute, UAE
“From when we first started working with Marianna, we immediately saw positive results from her digital marketing strategies. Extremely organised and results driven, Marianna is always bringing new ideas to the table and keeping us informed of the latest digital marketing trends.”
Andrew Maclaren-Taylor
MD (Bathroom Butler)
“Marianna came into our company as a consultant, lending a hand and providing her expertise to our digital team, as part of a training program. However, what Marianna brought to the table was so much more than expert knowledge, she inspired us and sparked our creativity. What we learnt on the course was invaluable for our day-to-day processes and has hugely improved our social media capacities as an agency. The best (and most fun) training program I have ever been on''
Rosie Ryan
Social Media Manager (TOH PR)

International Projects

Some of my favourite international marketing projects / clients I took on whilst working
around the world.